Inaugural Thoughts

Technically, this is not my first blog. I started one when I was pregnant with my first child, who just turned four. I used it as way to update my out-of-state family on my pregnancy and our baby preparations. Even though I was working 50-60 hours a week, I still found time to write fairly regular posts. After the birth of my daughter, I resigned from my corporate job to stay home with her. Even in those sleepless nights (and days) I still found time to write monthly updates for my family, but mainly for my daughter and for myself. Fast forward six months to when I started working part-time (from home). What little writing time I had was replaced with work obligations and the posts stopped (so did filling out her actual baby book). Cue the mom guilt…

Now after my second child has turned 20 months old, I have decided it is time to recreate my blog. However, this time it is not only going to be a good “baby book” for my children, but it also is going to chronicle my parenting experience. It will serve as my own way to remember, process and decompress these rewarding, yet challenging experiences. In addition to my children’s interesting antics, I hope to post on everything parenting related from cloth diapers and nursing to postpartum depression and marital strife. Perhaps it will just serve as my own therapy, perhaps it will reach others experiencing the same things. We will see. So here goes nothing…

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