Supermom Has it All… Including Postpartum Depression

“Looking at other parents’ Facebook or Instagram feeds may make it seem like they really have it all… a wonderful marriage, a supportive spouse with a successful job, a beautiful house in the suburbs with a white-picket fence and a big yard for the dog, at least two children (including at least one boy and one girl), and fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, cars, and everything else under the happy, bright, blinding, disgustingly flawless sun. They post pictures of their days filled with Pinterest-perfect arts and crafts, gourmet meals, impeccably planned and executed trips (even if just to Target), and every moment spent with their families looks like the best and most rewarding time ever spent. These social-media-queen-bees are called Supermoms. I have been called one. I do not have a utopian life, but I do have a wonderful life with many good things and some bad ones… including postpartum depression.”

This article in its entirety was published by Twin Cities Moms Blog on May 2, 2016 at:


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