To My Spirited Child: I Am Sorry

“If I had a dollar for every time someone has said, “You sure have your hands full,” regarding my 4-year-old daughter, I would be a millionaire. I used to cringe when people would say that to me; now I reply, “But my heart is even fuller.” My child has had a strong personality from the beginning. She was a (pleasant) surprise pregnancy. She was a long delivery, requiring 22 hours, two doses of Pitocin, and two attempts to break my water. She was a sensitive sleeper and eater, never wanting to do either. She was an intense and persistent crier, but did not have colic. She was in total control of everything, including her Type-A, control-freak mother. Fast forward four years later and not much has changed. We still battle about sleep, food, and anything she does not want to do. Some call her strong-willed, stubborn, picky, exhausting, controlling, challenging–you name it.”

This article in its entirety was published by Twin Cities Moms Blog on April 18, 2016 at:

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